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Posted by tufolib on October 11, 2015 at 6:10 AM Comments comments (0)

After a couple of years or so of occasionally studying EBANI UFOs (Extra-Biological Anomalies Not Identified), or something like that, I still have no idea what they could be. Having seen another video of one just recently, I noticed that this EBANI looked very solid like a mass of balloons tied together, whereas the ones I saw in the past were misty, with particular sections breaking up and rebuilding like clouds do.

Why they are seen over Mexico City more than other locations - or so I have been given the impression, is also a mystery. Maybe the high altitude has something to do with it. In any case, their presence has inspired a magnificent and colourful festival, which is just as interesting as the EBANIs.

Searching through a results page only, I noticed that other locations around the world include Los Angeles, New York and Italy. I have never heard of them in Australia, for one reason or another, but now they seem to be as far south as Peru, which is also in the Southern Hemisphere.

If only one of them could appear directly over a camera operator instead of a sharp angle, it wouldn't be so far out of good camera range. Short of temporarily living in Mexico City and surrounds, we will just have to be satisfied with watching videos of them, but like the rest of ufology, it will take many years to eliminate most of the hoaxes!

Edge of Reality Conference

Posted by tufolib on September 18, 2015 at 6:20 AM Comments comments (0)


It was a great privilege to be invited as VUFOA's Tasmanian representative to the "Edge of Reality" conference, Melbourne on 12 September, 2015. Some of Australia's leading ufologists presented important imformation to a packed conference room of about 150 or more people! It ran from 10am to 6pm, and had a few breaks, which included a well-received lunch of a wide variety of foods.


Our speakers were under the watchful eyes of hosts Ben Hurle (VUFOA) and James Rigney, timer Ivan Rigoni (VUFOA) at the front, author Peter Khouri (New South Wales), and myself as VUFOA's Tasmanian representative in the first two rows! Team members around the room included media recorder Andrew Arnold, ushers Lana Bazeley, Ron White (all VUFOA) and myself. Also attending to the needs of the guests were other team members Mike Hodges and George Simpson (both VUFOA).


Attracting a wide variety of people from the UFO community were Chase Kloetzke (radio talk host, USA), Bill Chalker (theozfiles, New South Wales), Sheryl Gottschall (UFO Research, Queensland), Paul Dean (VUFOA, Victoria) and Dominic MacNamara (UFO-PRSA, New South Wales) who had to fill in for Keith Basterfield (MUFON, South Australia), almost at the last minute.


The day for guests started at 10am, but the VUFOA team were there long before that, and finished as a raging success around 6pm. Many people on both sides of the conference were thrilled at the organising and outcome, offering their congratulations to the team involved. The efforts of a great number of people, especially Lana Bazeley who spent a great many days putting together show bags of little surprises, have been recognised by the guests!


This world-class event has been noticed by people around the world, and will be talked about for years to come! It will go down in history as one of the best ufology conferences the world has seen! Bill Chalker had a magnificent idea afterwards, and after much discussion about what everyone else would do, we all gave up and joined him at the Grange Reserve (UFO Park) in Westall. That turned out to be a major photo shoot. I have never had a free ride in a UFO before, even if it was only playground equipment, but it still represents the shape of craft seen in 1966.


Thanks, Bill - that was the best idea to finish off a long, 2-day weekend for the conference and a meeting at the RSL club in Mentone on the Sunday afterwards!


Alien Artefacts on Mars

Posted by tufolib on August 30, 2015 at 9:05 PM Comments comments (0)


Believe it or not, there really are alien artefacts on Mars, which is what conspiracy theorists have been telling us for many years! Most people on this planet probably still don't know (or have forgotten) that 27 missions from Earth to Mars - long before the rovers, failed for one reason or another! All of the known equipment that crashed on Mars certainly wasn't created there, so it must be alien to that planet. At least one mission missed Mars altogether and continued on its way through space! If Earth can be invaded by aliens from Mars - possibly bacteria, why not the other way around?

Of course, what has been photographed and passed around by 'armchair engineers' can be interpreted as alien technology - and it is, because it had do the jobs it was designed for without crashing! Most people have no idea what is required to perform scientific experiments - and no one knows that more than I do after taking part in a lab course earlier this century to discover Earth-based equipment that I had never seen before! However, much of it was decades old, so it was rather 'clunky' by today's standards!

Before I taught myself how to be an industrial designer for the general community, I had no idea what the equipment would look like that I designed, having used the ideas of other people! Thirty years later, more people who come across it come up with all sorts of expressions because they are completely baffled by the purpose of my equipment. It doesn't fit the perceptions of the general public - it allows people with disabilities to operate technology, and achieve the same goals using their own abilities. One of the most famous examples is the computer that Stephen Hawking uses to communicate with everyone. It may take him hours or days to write a lengthy explanation, but at least he can do that in his own time.

The shapes and sizes of crashed equipment were not designed to fit in vehicles on Earth, or in air conditioning units at home - all this equipment is specialised to deal with an uninhabitable world, so it can't possibly be designed with Earth in mind. Most people who visit NASA's operations will always see something new for the first time, so it will look totally alien to them! This is obviously the case with conspiracy theorists who see discarded equipment on Mars for their first times! That doesn't mean they should immediately broadcast to the world that they have discovered alien technology - well, at least not outside of Earth's until they thoroughly investigate how the photos came to be!

One photo certainly has me stumped - of something that appears to be the skull of an alien, totally exposed to the Martian elements. As always, I remain completely neutral in my emotions about this. Sceptics will tell me it is not what it looks like, and conspiracy theorists will tell me that it is! Who am I to believe when I wasn't there at the time this relic arrived? Start out small, then work your way up the technological and cultural ladders! Businesses crash because they take on more than they can handle - and so do many people with an interest way beyond their understanding!

Hypothesise if you wish, but don't conclude until you have all of the information! There will always be someone who knows more than you do, so having investigated this, I know that of 51 missions to Mars, from 1960 until 2013, 27 didn't succeed, either partially or totally -

1960 - 1M No.1, 1M No.2.

1962 - 2MV-4 No.1, Mars 1 (2MV-4 No.2), 2MV-3 No.1.

1964 - Mariner 3, Mariner 4, Zond 2 (or 3MV-4A No.2).

1969 - Mariner 6, 2M No.521, Mariner 7, 2M No.522.

1971 - Mariner 8, Kosmos 419 (3MS No.170), Mariner 9, Mars 2 orbiter (4M No.171) and Mars 2 lander (SA 4M No.171), Mars 3 orbiter (4M No.172) and Mars 3 lander (SA 4M No.172).

1973 - Mars 4 (or 3MS No.52S), Mars 5 (or 3MS No.53S), Mars 6 (3MP No.50P), Mars 7 (3MP No.51P).

1975 - Viking 1 and Viking 2 (2 orbiters and 2 landers).

1988 - Fobos 1 (1F No.101) and Fobos 2 (1F No.102).

1992 - Mars Observer.

1996 - Mars Global Surveyor, Mars 96 (M1 No.520), Mars Pathfinder.

1998 - Nozomi (PLANET-B), Mars Climate Orbiter.

1999 - Mars Polar Lander, Deep Space 2.

2001 - Mars Odyssey.

2003 - Mars Express, Beagle 2, Spirit (MER-A), Opportunity (MER-B).

2004 - Rosetta.

2005 - MRO.

2007 - Phoenix, Dawn.

2011 - Fobos-Grunt, Yinghou-1, Curiosity (Mars Science Laboratory).

2013 - Mars Orbiter Mission (Mangalyaan), MAVERN.

References -


Planetary Society -


Wikipedia -


One More Step For Mankind

Posted by tufolib on August 17, 2015 at 6:15 AM Comments comments (0)



Regardless of where digital electronics came from to give people on Earth our modern technology, it has never been beyond our level of thinking to invent a device, which can transfer electricity from one place to another, using external control. This device is the transistor - not a portable radio that music fans carry around, but a tiny electronic component, which often has two wires welded to a plate in the middle of them. This plate has another wire attached, so the whole component is represented by the four keyboard characters below -


/ | \

Think of a farmer who is standing at a gate, which can be permanently opened to allow all of the sheep to pass through it, or only some of the sheep by opening and closing that gate as each individual sheep arrives at it. Opening and closing it will separate certain sheep from others into two or more pens as the farmer chooses. Believe it or not - this is like digital technology, which electronics operates on! It's called binary, but we won't delve into the depths of despair in trying to understand this here!

If you want to understand the absolute basics of it, 0 (zero) is when no electricity is switched on and 1 (one) is when it is switched off. It's like Morse code that goes "dit-dah dah, dit-dah dah, dit-dah dah", also written as .- .- .- Some people will know that as "ET, ET, ET". At least, that is what I heard as he wandered across the childrens' bedroom floor! Don't worry if you don't understand how this code - 01000101 01010100 - can become ET, I don't - yet!

It has been said that solid state electronics, with parts that do not move like levers and switches, was brought here on the spaceship that crashed at Roswell, New Mexico! However, that doesn't necessarily have to be the case for humans to invent ground-breaking equipment. Of course, I can't say that's what did or didn't happen because I wasn't born when the Roswell story unfolded.

However, I have lived through the public release of most of the technology you now see in museums and around town! All of these advanced technological items are basically one simple step away from their previous versions! The old radio valve had a plate with two wires attached, but listeners of radio had to wait a couple of minutes while the components became hot enough to work.

Transistors, on the other hand, don't need heating - in fact, they work better if they are not so hot that they burn your fingers! They will work immediately, and have the same components for electrical transfer. They are basically the same as the radio valve, except they don't break when you drop them - like the Roswell spaceship, and they don't need warming up before use!

Maybe the Roswell spaceship crashed because it had too many glass radio valves, and the authorities covered everything up to avoid society going backwards! It's the same as we have now - people are switching their televisions off and getting back to nature!

Other people will still think that I am wrong to consider simple explanations first - except the one above. I can't dispute that because I don't know if I have the right answers! I only know what humans are capable of. I also think about the possibility that modern technology could have been introduced by aliens from other worlds, but I don't have any hard evidence either way!


Light Snack

Posted by tufolib on August 8, 2015 at 6:55 AM Comments comments (0)


Who likes food? In fact, who likes food in space? Well, you'll never know until you try it!


The way I imagined it is that growing plants on Mars would be slightly different to ones grown on Earth. This is because of the difference between their gravities. However, due to time constraints, I haven't investigated the results of growing plants on the Space Station yet. However, while writing this, I did come across a statement about plants in space being unaffected by a lack of gravity! They were said to still grow their roots at the same angles as on Earth, and must be considered different to taking seeds into space, then bringing them back and planting them on Earth many years ago.


What has made me think seriously about this subject is what I have seen and/or photographed on Earth. Ther are lots of examples of new shoots growing across or down, out of stumps - and then turning at right angles or greater to shoot upwards!


I have wondered if the gravity of Mars, being only about 38% of Earth's, would allow plants to grow taller, but I have also thought they could be less dense, making consumption of more plant material necessary to get the same amount of nutrients! Years ago, a supermarket branched out into hydroponics, growing vegetables in at least one shop! However, I heard that the produce was different in some way so it never sold at all well.


Plastic pipes (or guttering) were used, with water containing the nutrients. No solid medium was present in any form like compost, chemicals, sponges etc. For food to be successfully grown on Mars, I imagine that some of the plant material on spaceships will have to be set aside to create compost as the Martian soil doesn't seem to have much value in it.


Without a lot of nitrogen in the atmosphere, I just can't see how plants can be grown outside living areas - unless it is contained in hermetically sealed containers! If there is any life on Mars, it might not be substantial enough to contribute to the greening of that planet. One thing is for sure, the first human baby born there will definitely be an alien! It will actually be a real-life Martian!


Why Roswell

Posted by tufolib on July 21, 2015 at 6:45 AM Comments comments (0)

Why is Roswell still considered to be where ufology began?

UFO sightings have been recorded by human beings for thousands of years - probably more! According to some information in many forms today, interactions with their occupants have been going on as well. Did ancient civilisations conduct scientific studies and/or back-engineer UFOs, or did they simply accept astronauts who came from somewhere out there?

Many of us have seen artefacts and drawings, which depict spaceships, aeronautical vehicles and astronauts, but I can't remember seeing working models of spaceships created in ancient times. It is very easy now to go shopping and buy the plastic model of a modern one to assemble for fun! With all the talk about how high technology existed back then, surely there were toys and builders' models of what appears to have been witnessed in the skies thousands of years ago!

I suppose it all boils down to what we are still seeing today - groups of people who put themselves in power, and deny everyone else access to information and technology! Of course, if there was no rebelliousness and corruption, human beings would probably have never 'advanced'!

Moving right along - what does that word really mean? Surely not blowing ourselves up again - or so I want to believe! Maybe we would be better off by not acquiring too much knowledge - only enough to avoid remaining as slaves, which modern society is returning to! That's not advancement!


Posted by tufolib on May 31, 2015 at 4:35 AM Comments comments (2)

Way back in primary school, about 1962 - from vague memory, a stream of white 'smoke' crept slowly across the sky over Tasmania. Being so high, it appeared to come from the east, over New Zealand. I asked the Headmaster who also saw it, but neither of us knew what it was.

That was the end of that for the next 30 years or so until I read about the X-15 in a book, which is probably somewhere in my library. The date given is about 1962 or 1963 - also from vague memory, so I guessed that this is what I saw as I stood in the schoolyard, along with a few other witnesses.

This was my very first unusual sighting, although I have never thought of it as a UFO! My second sighting was about 15 years later - in 1978. Details about the X-15 can be found here -

Belie It Or Not

Posted by tufolib on April 22, 2015 at 6:05 AM Comments comments (0)

Someone rightfully took 'senses of his of leave', if you want to think of it like that, and used them to his advantage! Others - including myself, want to stay and trawl through the sceptics - and complete disbelievers who go as far as ignoring real facts without taking the time to investigate them.

There are two other ways to go in this department - either forget about UFOs and just get on with your lives, which is what I occasionally tell people to do! After all, none of us can stop what happens in the skies above us - or anywhere else. We can also accept the situation and investigate it while knowing how to avoid the pitfalls that go with it.

They are many - just ask the witnesses whose lives have been changed forever! That happened to me in 1978, but all I saw were two rapid lights that seemed to cross paths in the sky at exactly the same time as the famous New Zealand sighting. However, I was at a summer festival at 11.00pm (Tasmanian Summer Time) on the wharf in Hobart, Tasmania!

Regardless of where these 'lights' come from and travel to, there is no point in denying their existence - even when other people see them, but sceptics and disbelievers who aren't involved continue to do that. No one who wasn't where witnesses were should deny what was seen at the time by someone else. In any case, two witnesses at one event often interpret the same thing differently!

My argument for either way is to imagine any 'heavenly body' with observers hanging in space some few thousand kilometres from the surface. Now imagine how much those observers can see in their fields of view! How could they possibly come to a conclusion unless some of those observers are spread around this planet (for example) to see that there are no spaceships visible? Of course, their eyes wouldn't pick up much in the dark, and across such a large distance, so long-range scanners would have to take over!

How could observers know if there are or aren't alien spaceships on the other side of the planet where they can't be seen? If there are none, how could they know what it is in another part of the Solar System, or another galaxy? Until we scan the whole Universe at one particular moment and discover no life outside of Earth, no one should rule out the existence of alien life!

Extra-terrestrial life forms are still being discovered right now, especially as there are an unknown number of them where humans don't usually go! If you want to see them in documentaries, just search for "deep sea life", "deep sea creatures" or whatever on the Internet. In many cases, they are completely alien to terrestrial life - above and below the surface of Earth's oceans!

I have met or know some people who are terrified of well-known terrestrial animals, especially insects because they have never seen them before! That's understandable because they don't know if their safety is being threatened. I have met someone who is terrified of a large moth, which was probably a Bogong or Tiger! Heaven help her if someone with almond eyes turns up on her doorstep at night!

Just so I remain perfectly scientific - especially logical and objective, I prefer not to commit myself to either side, despite what I personally believe is overwhelming 'evidence' in many testimonies! Until I meet an alien, I forbid myself to say that aliens exist, but then again, no one else should say they don't - unless they meet one! Even if they have, should they totally believe one who said they came all the way from another part of the Universe? Neither the alien nor witnesses can usually prove that - only that a meeting has taken place!

Theorise if you must, but don't form any conclusion until you have all of the information! Many of you will probably be like me - I have been studying ufology since 1978, and religion at a great distance since my childhood in the late 1950s, but I still don't have enough answers to come to a conclusion! I will most likely never know the truth of what is really out there because I wasn't there when the origins of them occurred!

I haven't even lived one complete life yet, and don't even know if I have before or will again!



Posted by Andrew Arnold on April 14, 2015 at 11:10 PM Comments comments (1)

Hi folks,

I have been thinking lately about our achievements over the last 5 years and am amazed at the level of interest in the subject by the general public. When I started this organisation it was only intended to give like minded people somewhere to go and discuss the topic of Ufology. I only ever thought this would end up being the occasional chat amongst a small group in our website. How wrong was I, and although we have had our share of critisism I want you to know we listen and constantly try to address concerns you may have.

So here we are today and we have achieved so much, I just want to give you a small list of our ability to grow into what is seen today as Victoria's premier UFO Research organisation.

This year marks our second major conference with the Edge of Reality event in September, yes our second. It is no easy task putting on such an event, we have to pay for the venue and services that come with that. Just to give you an idea, that alone is 7K, yes $7000. I wont bore you with the finer details but then there is the guests who need accomodation, flights, food, travel etc. It is all funded by VUFOA.

We have over 50 episodes now of VUFOA-TV for the public to watch, many are interviews with people who have never done an interview on camera before.

We completed our fully comprehencsive cold case investigation of The Burkes Flat Bending Headlight Case - A Tale of Two Men. Once again tracking down many people who were directly involved in the incident for that one off first time interview.

We are now working on our next cold case investigation set for completion this year.

Our team now has expanded to 17 people with over 500 members on this website.

So all in all I am extremely satisfied with our progress so far and we hope to continue this into the future with workshops and other events yet to com.

Thank you to the public both here in our beautiful state of Victoria and everywhere else in the world you tune into us from. Without your support, attending our conferences and other events we would never be able to exist.

Regards for now

Andrew Arnold

Mars Bars

Posted by tufolib on April 7, 2015 at 6:30 AM Comments comments (0)

There are a significant number of barriers to setting up life on Mars, and nearly all of them aren't known to much of the general public, or fully realised by everyone involved in colonising a seemingly dead and inhospitable planet!

There are four words that have been with us for a very long time - fire, water, earth and air, although not always placed in that order by different cultures, but none of these as we know them exist on Mars! Of course, it takes a lot more to create sustainable life, so a lot more secrets will have to be revealed before permanent residency can happen!

One of the most serious barriers to life is the static mantle and core. Neither is believed to move around (apart from dust storms on the surface) because no magnetic field has been detected beyond the planet. This will also cause physiological changes in future Martians from Earth. Their bodies will immediately begin to adapt to the lighter gravity unless an artificial one - and appropriate atmosphere fill the interiors of biospheres to equal that of Earth's environment!

Some of the elements and their molecular compounds are there - it is just going to be a lot of work for the new residents to recreate the technology we have on Earth. The elements I have read about include aluminium, calcium, iron, magnesium, nickel, oxygen, phosphorus, potassium, silicon and sulphur. Carbon is missing from this list, so it will have to be extracted from the carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide in the atmosphere. I don't see how steel is going to be produced with it, although keeping it in good condition shouldn't be much of a problem with a very low amount of oxygen in the atmosphere!

Apparently, water can only be stored inside biospheres where the new residents will live! If any escapes, it will immediately change state and either be lost to the atmosphere or settle into the ground as ice. It will be like trying to boil the jug for a cuppa on Mt. Everest - the atmospheric pressure is just too low to do what we can at sea level on Earth.

Speaking of atmosphere - it contains argon, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, chlorine, krypton, neon, nitric oxide, ozone, nitrogen and xenon. With only a small amount of nitrogen, there is no hope of growing flowers in gardens outside to give to the ladies! Apparently, there is no methane, so cooking with gas can be ruled out, and solar panels won't supply enough power to heat food, so it looks like salads - three times a day, are going to be an everyday event.

I realise that it takes a long time to train personnel for difficult expeditions, but I haven't investigated anything else that has been planned to set Earthlings up safely on another planet! At the moment, the odds of surviving this venture just aren't great. I'm glad I'm not going - I like to plan ahead, but I don't have all of the information!