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One More Step For Mankind

Posted by tufolib on August 17, 2015 at 6:15 AM



Regardless of where digital electronics came from to give people on Earth our modern technology, it has never been beyond our level of thinking to invent a device, which can transfer electricity from one place to another, using external control. This device is the transistor - not a portable radio that music fans carry around, but a tiny electronic component, which often has two wires welded to a plate in the middle of them. This plate has another wire attached, so the whole component is represented by the four keyboard characters below -


/ | \

Think of a farmer who is standing at a gate, which can be permanently opened to allow all of the sheep to pass through it, or only some of the sheep by opening and closing that gate as each individual sheep arrives at it. Opening and closing it will separate certain sheep from others into two or more pens as the farmer chooses. Believe it or not - this is like digital technology, which electronics operates on! It's called binary, but we won't delve into the depths of despair in trying to understand this here!

If you want to understand the absolute basics of it, 0 (zero) is when no electricity is switched on and 1 (one) is when it is switched off. It's like Morse code that goes "dit-dah dah, dit-dah dah, dit-dah dah", also written as .- .- .- Some people will know that as "ET, ET, ET". At least, that is what I heard as he wandered across the childrens' bedroom floor! Don't worry if you don't understand how this code - 01000101 01010100 - can become ET, I don't - yet!

It has been said that solid state electronics, with parts that do not move like levers and switches, was brought here on the spaceship that crashed at Roswell, New Mexico! However, that doesn't necessarily have to be the case for humans to invent ground-breaking equipment. Of course, I can't say that's what did or didn't happen because I wasn't born when the Roswell story unfolded.

However, I have lived through the public release of most of the technology you now see in museums and around town! All of these advanced technological items are basically one simple step away from their previous versions! The old radio valve had a plate with two wires attached, but listeners of radio had to wait a couple of minutes while the components became hot enough to work.

Transistors, on the other hand, don't need heating - in fact, they work better if they are not so hot that they burn your fingers! They will work immediately, and have the same components for electrical transfer. They are basically the same as the radio valve, except they don't break when you drop them - like the Roswell spaceship, and they don't need warming up before use!

Maybe the Roswell spaceship crashed because it had too many glass radio valves, and the authorities covered everything up to avoid society going backwards! It's the same as we have now - people are switching their televisions off and getting back to nature!

Other people will still think that I am wrong to consider simple explanations first - except the one above. I can't dispute that because I don't know if I have the right answers! I only know what humans are capable of. I also think about the possibility that modern technology could have been introduced by aliens from other worlds, but I don't have any hard evidence either way!


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