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Damian John Nott

Posted by Andrew Arnold on April 7, 2014 at 1:30 AM






VUFOA Field Investigator, Researcher & Writer - NSW

Po box 547 Coonabarabran Nsw 2357 mob 0427 049 425 email




Hello, my name is Damien John Nott.

I’m 35 years old. For most of my career I have worked as a building rectification and modification specialist.

I have also worked in the entertainment industry both in front of and behind the camera.

I have been a witness to aerial and paranormal phenomena since the age of 9.

My very first sighting spawned a lifelong quest for me to find the truth about what I was seeing.

Many times throughout my life, I have woken up in the early hours to go outside.

On many such occasions I was lucky enough to witness unusual lights in the sky or what appeared to be a craft of some kind.

Sometimes I would capture these sightings in photographs.

It wasn’t until I moved to Dunedoo in the central west tablelands of NSW in August of 2012 that the sightings really started to take off.

I was there to stay with my father and work on restoring the home of my then recently deceased Grandparents.

On the second night of my stay, I witnessed a large glowing white spherical light, gliding silently over the neighbor’s roof.

After many more such sightings where, in some cases, some family members became involved and witnessed the phenomena with their own eyes, it became easier for me to open up about my previous sightings.

For 26 years, I kept the sightings to myself and a few close friends, all the time knowing full well the kind of negativity that the general public’s reaction could possibly bring to my life.

I contacted Mariana Flynn from U.F.O.R.N.S.W. and sent her some photographs and film I had taken whilst in Dunedoo.

Mariana then sent a team over, led by Enzo Farias to investigate my story.

On the first night of their stay whilst camping out at my Uncle’s farm, a bright multi-colored ball of light was witnessed coming to a complete stop over their heads, after a high powered torch was directed towards the object.

The object also responded by ceasing to flash and became a dark object in the sky.

This was also witnessed by my Uncle, Garry Nott, who was a skeptic prior to this event.

A week later, Mariana Flynn arrived in Dunedoo to hear my story first hand.

Over the period of two nights, Mariana was lucky enough according to her own report to witness 9 UFO’s.

Coincidentally, the Sun Herald had reporters staying in town on their way to report on the fires at Coonabarabran.

Judy Bowman, the owner of the Bed and Breakfast that the reporters were staying at, mentioned my case to them.

Mariana, who was also staying at the same Bed and Breakfast asked me if I would like the reporters to come to the home to hear my story, which they did. Within 5 minutes of their arrival one evening, two low flying, bright, white spherical UFO’s came directly over our property.

They moved together in close proximity, one directly behind the other, changing speeds and appearing as though they were playing a game of tag with each other.

Whilst in Dunedoo I had been posting my sightings on my YouTube channel – knightoftruth79 before contacting anyone in either the media or any UFO investigation group.

It felt natural for me to start sharing my sightings freely and openly with the general public.

After 8 months in Dunedoo and with over 90 witnesses to the phenomena including some members of my family and various people from all over Australia who came to visit, including policeman, fireman and a gentleman in the Australian Air Force, a film crew from Canada arrived to do a documentary on the story.

Jose Escimillia picked up on it and became involved as a producer. The documentary (which also involves other peoples stories and sightings) will be released soon under the name “Beyond The Spectrum”.

In April, 2013 I moved to Taree, located 3 hours north of Sydney. The sightings and quality of the footage has increased, the quality of which in particular is due to experience and new and better photographic equipment.

National Geographic have shown interest in my story as well as the Today Tonight program on Channel 7 with whom I conducted an interview 2 weeks ago.

I now have over 1,800 photographs and over 200 videos showing highly unusual lights, cigar shaped objects and even the classic Hollywood style flying saucers.

Jamie Maussan from Mexico has been involved in my case and he, along with Carlos Clemente, have analysed my photographs and footage from Dunedoo and declared it authentic.

They have not as yet analysed footage or photographs from Taree.

I have been privileged to share my sightings and experiences whilst in Dunedoo and Taree to UFO groups in NSW and have conducted 13 talks so far.

I’ve recently been invited to speak at the upcoming Paracon convention in Maitland, NSW.

We’re also working on a web site right now, which will document all of my individual sightings as well as multiple witness sightings going back to when I was a kid.

My partner, Melissa Kennedy has also had multiple sightings since we’ve been together here in Taree.

We continue to see and capture aerial phenomena every few days, mostly from the windows of our premises which looks out over Taree.

I have a public figure Face book page (Damien John Nott) which provides some of my newer videos and photographs.

The rest will be publicised when the aforementioned documentary is released.

Unfortunately I have lost access to my YouTube account at this time, so some of the more recent sightings are available on the Face book page.

For any further information, please feel welcome to contact me at

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Reply 123
12:15 AM on July 1, 2018 
Roberto Mancini snubbed him because he wanted English players.
Reply Ellen
10:36 PM on September 3, 2017 
Travis reeves says...
We should tai am cery interrdlsted to knpw how to communicate with the othwrs. I havr only witnessed a handful of this phenomena personally but I am entirely interested in making contact with them as i know they are there and always have been. I would love some help. lk. email me. I can help you.
Our friends in the sky are really only a thought away.
I have no fear of government or otherwise.
Reply Heather L Tutone
12:19 AM on April 12, 2017 
How do I get in touch with you? My family and I have seen UFOs...they seem to follow us around like you.
Reply Luke Nikolajew
5:27 AM on March 8, 2017 
Damien I just want to ask you about a phanomana that has recently happened around my area please contact me if you want to know
Reply Travis reeves
4:06 PM on January 27, 2017 
We should talk. email me. I can help you.
Our friends in the sky are really only a thought away.
I have no fear of government or otherwise.
Reply Aaron bremner
3:36 PM on October 19, 2016 
Ok so i was up at around 5:30 in the morning just when the sun was coming up in victoria gippsland area. I was having a smoke outside and i couldnt believe what i saw. I saw a round craft fly right over the house where i was living literally 10 metres above the roof i was in shock it also had one red light at the back of the craft. I couldnt belive how fast it was flying but be real silent at the same time no smoke no engine sound no nothing. I was in shock but also interested at the same time. So i jumped on my bike and peddled to the direction where it was flying and then i could not find it again. We have seen many strange things in my home town of trafalgar. And have also heard some weird noises in the skies that four town away could hear to. Feel free to email me if you are interested to know more. Everybody i tell about this craft does not believe me im hoping that you would.
Reply Cameron walmsley
12:56 AM on October 19, 2016 
I have seen heaps of out there stuff while fishing off the south wall of coffs harbour. A few years back i saw a red dot light up in the sky out over the water what looked like a km up it started moving slowly to the right. When i called out to my mates it took off to the left faster than any known man made object that i know off. After about 10 mins a blue dot the same size and position as the red one appeared and moved slowly to the left then took off the the right. Tripped me out. That was only one of heaps that ive seen up here.
Reply Delilah Dalrymple
1:24 PM on October 16, 2016 
Hello my name is Delilah and I wanted to say thank you for being so brave and coming forward I myself have experienced the same thing since I was a young child and it is nice to know that I am not the only one. I have no one to speak to about this and recently my experiences I have gained a lot of momentum please contact me at my email I would love to speak with you over the phone please contact me as soon as possible. I look forward to hearing from you, I live in Washington state and I don't mind speaking late at night if it makes for easier for you once again thank you for sharing and making me feel like I'm not alone ☺️
Reply Shelly
7:04 AM on April 12, 2014 
Thank you for this article.....