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Belie It Or Not

Posted by tufolib on April 22, 2015 at 6:05 AM

Someone rightfully took 'senses of his of leave', if you want to think of it like that, and used them to his advantage! Others - including myself, want to stay and trawl through the sceptics - and complete disbelievers who go as far as ignoring real facts without taking the time to investigate them.

There are two other ways to go in this department - either forget about UFOs and just get on with your lives, which is what I occasionally tell people to do! After all, none of us can stop what happens in the skies above us - or anywhere else. We can also accept the situation and investigate it while knowing how to avoid the pitfalls that go with it.

They are many - just ask the witnesses whose lives have been changed forever! That happened to me in 1978, but all I saw were two rapid lights that seemed to cross paths in the sky at exactly the same time as the famous New Zealand sighting. However, I was at a summer festival at 11.00pm (Tasmanian Summer Time) on the wharf in Hobart, Tasmania!

Regardless of where these 'lights' come from and travel to, there is no point in denying their existence - even when other people see them, but sceptics and disbelievers who aren't involved continue to do that. No one who wasn't where witnesses were should deny what was seen at the time by someone else. In any case, two witnesses at one event often interpret the same thing differently!

My argument for either way is to imagine any 'heavenly body' with observers hanging in space some few thousand kilometres from the surface. Now imagine how much those observers can see in their fields of view! How could they possibly come to a conclusion unless some of those observers are spread around this planet (for example) to see that there are no spaceships visible? Of course, their eyes wouldn't pick up much in the dark, and across such a large distance, so long-range scanners would have to take over!

How could observers know if there are or aren't alien spaceships on the other side of the planet where they can't be seen? If there are none, how could they know what it is in another part of the Solar System, or another galaxy? Until we scan the whole Universe at one particular moment and discover no life outside of Earth, no one should rule out the existence of alien life!

Extra-terrestrial life forms are still being discovered right now, especially as there are an unknown number of them where humans don't usually go! If you want to see them in documentaries, just search for "deep sea life", "deep sea creatures" or whatever on the Internet. In many cases, they are completely alien to terrestrial life - above and below the surface of Earth's oceans!

I have met or know some people who are terrified of well-known terrestrial animals, especially insects because they have never seen them before! That's understandable because they don't know if their safety is being threatened. I have met someone who is terrified of a large moth, which was probably a Bogong or Tiger! Heaven help her if someone with almond eyes turns up on her doorstep at night!

Just so I remain perfectly scientific - especially logical and objective, I prefer not to commit myself to either side, despite what I personally believe is overwhelming 'evidence' in many testimonies! Until I meet an alien, I forbid myself to say that aliens exist, but then again, no one else should say they don't - unless they meet one! Even if they have, should they totally believe one who said they came all the way from another part of the Universe? Neither the alien nor witnesses can usually prove that - only that a meeting has taken place!

Theorise if you must, but don't form any conclusion until you have all of the information! Many of you will probably be like me - I have been studying ufology since 1978, and religion at a great distance since my childhood in the late 1950s, but I still don't have enough answers to come to a conclusion! I will most likely never know the truth of what is really out there because I wasn't there when the origins of them occurred!

I haven't even lived one complete life yet, and don't even know if I have before or will again!


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