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Posted by tufolib on October 11, 2015 at 6:10 AM

After a couple of years or so of occasionally studying EBANI UFOs (Extra-Biological Anomalies Not Identified), or something like that, I still have no idea what they could be. Having seen another video of one just recently, I noticed that this EBANI looked very solid like a mass of balloons tied together, whereas the ones I saw in the past were misty, with particular sections breaking up and rebuilding like clouds do.

Why they are seen over Mexico City more than other locations - or so I have been given the impression, is also a mystery. Maybe the high altitude has something to do with it. In any case, their presence has inspired a magnificent and colourful festival, which is just as interesting as the EBANIs.

Searching through a results page only, I noticed that other locations around the world include Los Angeles, New York and Italy. I have never heard of them in Australia, for one reason or another, but now they seem to be as far south as Peru, which is also in the Southern Hemisphere.

If only one of them could appear directly over a camera operator instead of a sharp angle, it wouldn't be so far out of good camera range. Short of temporarily living in Mexico City and surrounds, we will just have to be satisfied with watching videos of them, but like the rest of ufology, it will take many years to eliminate most of the hoaxes!

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