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Why Roswell

Posted by tufolib on July 21, 2015 at 6:45 AM

Why is Roswell still considered to be where ufology began?

UFO sightings have been recorded by human beings for thousands of years - probably more! According to some information in many forms today, interactions with their occupants have been going on as well. Did ancient civilisations conduct scientific studies and/or back-engineer UFOs, or did they simply accept astronauts who came from somewhere out there?

Many of us have seen artefacts and drawings, which depict spaceships, aeronautical vehicles and astronauts, but I can't remember seeing working models of spaceships created in ancient times. It is very easy now to go shopping and buy the plastic model of a modern one to assemble for fun! With all the talk about how high technology existed back then, surely there were toys and builders' models of what appears to have been witnessed in the skies thousands of years ago!

I suppose it all boils down to what we are still seeing today - groups of people who put themselves in power, and deny everyone else access to information and technology! Of course, if there was no rebelliousness and corruption, human beings would probably have never 'advanced'!

Moving right along - what does that word really mean? Surely not blowing ourselves up again - or so I want to believe! Maybe we would be better off by not acquiring too much knowledge - only enough to avoid remaining as slaves, which modern society is returning to! That's not advancement!

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