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Alien Artefacts on Mars

Posted by tufolib on August 30, 2015 at 9:05 PM


Believe it or not, there really are alien artefacts on Mars, which is what conspiracy theorists have been telling us for many years! Most people on this planet probably still don't know (or have forgotten) that 27 missions from Earth to Mars - long before the rovers, failed for one reason or another! All of the known equipment that crashed on Mars certainly wasn't created there, so it must be alien to that planet. At least one mission missed Mars altogether and continued on its way through space! If Earth can be invaded by aliens from Mars - possibly bacteria, why not the other way around?

Of course, what has been photographed and passed around by 'armchair engineers' can be interpreted as alien technology - and it is, because it had do the jobs it was designed for without crashing! Most people have no idea what is required to perform scientific experiments - and no one knows that more than I do after taking part in a lab course earlier this century to discover Earth-based equipment that I had never seen before! However, much of it was decades old, so it was rather 'clunky' by today's standards!

Before I taught myself how to be an industrial designer for the general community, I had no idea what the equipment would look like that I designed, having used the ideas of other people! Thirty years later, more people who come across it come up with all sorts of expressions because they are completely baffled by the purpose of my equipment. It doesn't fit the perceptions of the general public - it allows people with disabilities to operate technology, and achieve the same goals using their own abilities. One of the most famous examples is the computer that Stephen Hawking uses to communicate with everyone. It may take him hours or days to write a lengthy explanation, but at least he can do that in his own time.

The shapes and sizes of crashed equipment were not designed to fit in vehicles on Earth, or in air conditioning units at home - all this equipment is specialised to deal with an uninhabitable world, so it can't possibly be designed with Earth in mind. Most people who visit NASA's operations will always see something new for the first time, so it will look totally alien to them! This is obviously the case with conspiracy theorists who see discarded equipment on Mars for their first times! That doesn't mean they should immediately broadcast to the world that they have discovered alien technology - well, at least not outside of Earth's until they thoroughly investigate how the photos came to be!

One photo certainly has me stumped - of something that appears to be the skull of an alien, totally exposed to the Martian elements. As always, I remain completely neutral in my emotions about this. Sceptics will tell me it is not what it looks like, and conspiracy theorists will tell me that it is! Who am I to believe when I wasn't there at the time this relic arrived? Start out small, then work your way up the technological and cultural ladders! Businesses crash because they take on more than they can handle - and so do many people with an interest way beyond their understanding!

Hypothesise if you wish, but don't conclude until you have all of the information! There will always be someone who knows more than you do, so having investigated this, I know that of 51 missions to Mars, from 1960 until 2013, 27 didn't succeed, either partially or totally -

1960 - 1M No.1, 1M No.2.

1962 - 2MV-4 No.1, Mars 1 (2MV-4 No.2), 2MV-3 No.1.

1964 - Mariner 3, Mariner 4, Zond 2 (or 3MV-4A No.2).

1969 - Mariner 6, 2M No.521, Mariner 7, 2M No.522.

1971 - Mariner 8, Kosmos 419 (3MS No.170), Mariner 9, Mars 2 orbiter (4M No.171) and Mars 2 lander (SA 4M No.171), Mars 3 orbiter (4M No.172) and Mars 3 lander (SA 4M No.172).

1973 - Mars 4 (or 3MS No.52S), Mars 5 (or 3MS No.53S), Mars 6 (3MP No.50P), Mars 7 (3MP No.51P).

1975 - Viking 1 and Viking 2 (2 orbiters and 2 landers).

1988 - Fobos 1 (1F No.101) and Fobos 2 (1F No.102).

1992 - Mars Observer.

1996 - Mars Global Surveyor, Mars 96 (M1 No.520), Mars Pathfinder.

1998 - Nozomi (PLANET-B), Mars Climate Orbiter.

1999 - Mars Polar Lander, Deep Space 2.

2001 - Mars Odyssey.

2003 - Mars Express, Beagle 2, Spirit (MER-A), Opportunity (MER-B).

2004 - Rosetta.

2005 - MRO.

2007 - Phoenix, Dawn.

2011 - Fobos-Grunt, Yinghou-1, Curiosity (Mars Science Laboratory).

2013 - Mars Orbiter Mission (Mangalyaan), MAVERN.

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