UFO Abduction and Experiencers Support Group



Adults and children who have experienced abduction, or witnessed it, suffer from post traumatic stress disorder, and a profound sense of isolation in our society. Disbelief and criticism from family members and friends can leave the person feeling anxious, stressed and unable to sleep.

They may even begin to question their own sanity. Our group has been running since 1994 and most of us are now close friends. We get together to share our stories, question, look for answers and techniques to help stop or slow down the abductions. We develop friendships where we can be ourselves and say what we want without fear of criticism and  judgement.

This helps us to gain back the ability to believe in ourselves and learn that we do have an inner power that is stronger than we realise.

Hypnosis or private therapy is available.

Brenda Abigail Butler, Melbourne Australia.