Support Group



UFO Experience Support Association (UFOESA)
PO Box 191
Regents Park
NSW 2143

Mobile:             0412 649428     

Contact Person: Peter Khoury

UFOESA is a non-profit voluntary organization dedicated to helping witnesses and experiencers of UFO events to cope with and understand their encounters. We consist of a number of professionals amongst whom are Counsellors, Hypnotherapists, Psychologists, Doctor, Physicist and other professionals. During his visit to Australia in February 1996 Professor John E Mack appointed Peter Khoury Australian representative for (PEER) Programme for Extraordinary Experience Research at Harvard Medical School U.S.A. Peter was also invited to Japan in February 1996 as the main speaker to discuss his own UFO Abduction experiences. Peter Khoury is the president of the organisation and is an Abductee who can relate to those who have had experiences.

UFOESA has a public education programme and holds regular public meetings with such speakers as Professor John E.Mack, Jenny Randles, Bill Chalker, Kelly Cahill (Australian Abductee), Retired naval Pilot Shamus O'Farrell, UFOESA President Peter Khoury and many local UFO researchers and experiencers. We also hold confidential Support group meetings for people who have had UFO related Experiences and have recently started publishing a Newsletter.